• July 9, 2021

Practice Self-Awareness and Grow Your Leadership Skills

Effective leaders know that managing others doesn’t mean they know everything. Managers should always be learning and growing alongside their team. There are several leadership skills that you can build upon, such as time management and delegation. Raskin said that managers can do this by learning how to conserve their energy for the most important tasks.

“Figuring out exactly how much effort, time and attention an issue needs before moving on to the next is a critical skill to get you through a workday (and also make sure you have enough left for your personal life),” she said.

As the leader of the pack, you should practice self-awareness. Be mindful of your behavior and the message it sends to your employees. Raskin said that recognizing both the intentional and unintentional impact you have on others is a critical part of being a good manager, since you set much of the tone and culture for the organization.

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“It will definitely take time and energy to get it right, even something as simple as how a manager conducts themselves at a meeting,” she said. “Do they pull out their phone during a presentation and start reviewing emails? Knowing the message that sends to employees is critical – e.g., ‘if the meeting isn’t important to the boss, why should it be important to me?’ Even these small things carry big meanings.”

Successful management of a team has many moving parts, and it takes consistent self-reflection and change. Learn something new each day to work toward being the best leader you can be.

“It’s OK not to know everything – that’s actually not your job,” said de Souza. “Show your team that you are a normal human being who can mess up sometimes and laugh at a silly joke. Being a manager is not about becoming a faraway figure. Your job is to engage and guide.”

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